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The Distracted “Listener”

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You’re at a special event or maybe just hanging out with friends. Someone starts a conversation with you and begins to ask you questions.  You start to answer but notice this person isn’t even listening…..she is looking all over the room, staring down at her phone, digging in her purse and giving the condescending “ah ha…ah ha….yeah….ok” to make it seem like she is listening. Even worse she answers her phone when it rings and sticks her finger in your face. WTH?!

Portrait of angry man shouting and touching his curly hair

Help me out here.  If you don’t really want to talk to someone, then WHY did you start talking to them in the first place?! Why would you ask questions that you don’t even care to know the answers to?! Weren’t you talking to me? Why would you answer the phone for a non-emergency?! Have we truly become this rude? Is it that hard to look people in the eye when having a conversation?


Sorry folks.  Life is way too short.  I have zero patience for such inconsiderate, self-absorbed, narcissists. Trust me…..I don’t want to talk to you either.

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