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Top 5 Reasons Why I Homeschool

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Never in a million years would I have believed I would be a homeschooling mom. I thought it was weird and only those that lived in the country did it.  But, when I had to put my first son on a school bus, with total strangers, at only five years old, I thought: “What the hell am I doing?!”

So I began investigating.

After losing my job, I felt that God was paving the way for me to fulfill my responsibility as a mother to educate my children.  Though there are several reasons I finally took the plunge, here are the top five:


1. Common Core. The government has done it again. Usurping authority away from the states and local municipalities. All under the guise of “higher standards” and making sure our children are capable of entering the workforce. It is a bunch of boloney.

The way math is being taught is not helping our kids get ahead. It is wasting time on what the brain automatically comes to know. This does not need to be taught to the majority of children.

Which brings me to another point on Common Core: it lumps all kids together into one, mediocre class. There are no more gifted children and nobody is better than anyone. The student that excels gets the same trophy/recognition as those that barely got by just because they participated.

This only creates a generation that either won’t bother striving for excellence because it doesn’t get them anything extra or they don’t strive for excellence because they will get a trophy no matter what.

And then there you have it….a bunch of kids that are all the same. It is absurdity at its finest.

Children gain confidence because of their achievements. Giving them false praise is growing an entire generation that believes they are entitled to just about everything. A good job, a big house, an expensive car etc. I want my kids to know these niceties must be earned. Common Core needs a post all to itself so I digress………………..…


2. American History. I am a bit thankful I hated history when I was in school because some of the things being taught are just plain wrong. Now that I am becoming an American History junkie, my kids will learn the real truth…..George Washington didn’t chop down a cherry tree.

Thomas Jefferson having an affair with Sally Hemmings is being taught as fact when not only can it NOT be proven, it most likely never happened considering how much he loved his wife and was devastated when she died.

Franklin D. Roosevelt actually caused the great depression to last longer than it should have, and Woodrow Wilson was one of our most evil, racist presidents.

Calvin Coolidge is barely mentioned in history books, if at all, but he certainly should be. He is the most underrated of all our presidents.

This, too, is another subject that needs a post all to itself so, moving on..……


3. The Long School Days. When my oldest son, Dante, went to kindergarten, it was the first year the school district went from half day to full-day kindergarten. He caught the bus at 8:09 am and wasn’t dropped back off until 4:17 pm. School began at 9 am and ended at 3:25 pm. That is a long bus ride considering the drive from my house to the school is literally four minutes. What an extremely long day for a five-year-old!

I was working full time back then, but when I was on maternity leave with my third child, I was able to pick him up at at the school at 3:25 pm. It shortened his day a little bit but not nearly enough.

It was well after Christmas when he stopped falling asleep as soon as he got home every day. He would actually sleep until the next morning. If he had homework, I had to get him up early to do it before school. I barely got to spend 15-30 minutes with him. Certainly not enough time!


4. I like my kids I know. Call me crazy, but I’m the mom that cries when summer is over.

I love having my kids at home.

Do they drive me crazy? Yes, of course! You can’t come to my house without hearing “mum mum mum.” a hundred times or Geno and Emma arguing about something.

But you also can’t come to my house without seeing how much they love each other. Just yesterday, Geno built Emma’s Lego set she got for Christmas while she was sleeping. He said he wanted to surprise her because she is his sister and he loves her.

My kids brighten my day and time goes by way too fast. Once they can independently get dressed, feed themselves and are potty trained, it feels like you blink and they are teenagers. And before you know it, they are adults and move out and have families of their own.

I want to enjoy this time and make sure that before I no longer have a say in their lives, they will have the tools necessary to be good a good wife and good husbands!

Computer generated 3D photo rendering.

5. Geno’s Inquisitive Mind.  Geno is eight years old now and every day is still a thousand questions. I swear he started asking questions as soon as he was born!

I don’t want to stifle his curiosity. The questions would have stopped just like they did with Dante and Ryan when they went to school. Teaching him at home gives me the flexibility to pursue what interests him. We will spend an entire day, week, or month, on something of interest. He either gets bored with it so we move on to something else or the more he learns, the more he wants to learn. I just love it! And I would bet that he knows more about the Titanic than the average adult. 


What a blessing it is to be able to stay home and teach my children. God is good 🙂



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